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Igor Machlak

Igor Machlak was born in Belarus and was a winner of national singing contest at the tender age of 7. He studied at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and graduated with first class honours. Igor was privileged to receive an advice and guidance from great Lev Vlassenko on numerous occasions. He was a recipient of numerous awards and made his orchestral debut with Moscow Philharmonic under V.Dudarova. But biggest success of his career was waiting for Igor when he formed a Piano Duo with his wife, Olga Kharitonova, a student of A.Nasedkin. They did their PhD  studies as a duet under T.Alikhanov - and in a space of 5 years were winners of several international competitions , including victories in Tokyo, Rome and Moscow. These successes lead to invitations to perform in Europe, Japan and at the various festivals.

Since moving to Australia in 1995 Igor became a member of piano staff at the Melbourne Conservatorium of music, the University of Melbourne. He teaches piano and chamber music there as well coordinating the Piano duet ensemble which become an institution itself. Igor is in a huge demand as a teacher, consultant, examiner and collaborator - and the Igor and Olga piano duo, now in its 4th decade, still enjoys concertising. 

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