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Tuesday 6 July 2021
2:30 pm (30’) AEST
Melbourne Digital Concert Hall.jpg

Liz Hanzhi Tian

Recital Repertoire


Prelude and Fugue in B minor, BWV 893 


Sonata Hob XVI:19 I.


Etude No. 12,  Op. 1 


Romance sans paroles No. 2, Op. 17  


Suite pour Piano                                                                  


Liz was born in Brisbane, QLD, in 2012. She  started learning piano at age of 4, showing great affinity to music. By  the age of 7, she has already participated in many competitions, often  in older age categories.

At the age of 7, Liz was awarded the Dr.  Mark Kruger award for excellence at the 2019 Ipswich Eisteddfod and the  Judy Sun award for “most outstanding performance of 20th century or  current composer” at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod. She was also the  recipient of numerous first prizes at the Ipswich, Redland, Brisbane and  Gold Coast Eisteddfods. In July 2019 Liz competed in the Piano 7 years  and under category at the Sydney Eisteddfod winning a first prize. In  the same year she placed 2nd at the Queensland Piano competition in her  age category and in the Baroque 11 years and under category.

In  October 2019 Liz was invited to perform at the 2019 Gold Coast  Eisteddfod Musicale as the most outstanding performer of the piano  section.

From the age of 6 to 8 Liz learnt the violin and during  her studies she competed in various local eisteddfods, winning several  major prizes. She is taking a break from violin to focus on piano.

Liz enjoys performing at her school’s assemblies and playing duets with her piano friends.

Liz loves playing piano and deeply enjoys music making. For this reason, she is contemplating music as her future career.

Liz is currently studying piano with Mimia Margiotta.

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