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The Lev Vlassenko Piano Competition Jury will include three eminent Australian pianists for the Recital Round and three eminent international pianists for the Finals.

All members of the Jury will judge the Competition remotely through live-streaming.

Any contestant who makes an attempt (or on whose behalf an attempt is made) to communicate with any member of the Jury before the completion of the Competitor’s participation will be subject to disqualification. Decisions of the Jury are final and may not be challenged or otherwise brought into question. If a Jury member teaches or has taught a Contestant within two years of the commencement of the Competition, the Jury member will abstain from voting for that Contestant. A Jury member having given a masterclass to the contestant within six months of the first day of the Competition is also to be deemed to constitute teaching.

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Level 11, 107 North Quay

Brisbane, Queensland 4000

Tel: +61 421 564 959

Email: contact@lev-vlassenko.com

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