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Performance Rights

All Applicants and Competitors, by submitting an application, and any images, and audition videos, agree irrevocably that the Competition has the right, without payment of fees to:

a. televise, film, video, tape, broadcast, webcast or photograph all rounds of the Competition;

b. produce, reproduce, adapt and distribute, without limit, recordings of all rounds of the Competition, whether in whole or in part;

c. produce documentary or feature films and promotional material using such images and videos or part thereof;

d. authorise (and sub-licence if necessary) Yamaha Music Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 004 259 527) to do likewise, but limited to the purposes of the sponsorship arrangements between Yamaha Music Australia Pty Ltd and the Lev Vlassenko Piano Competition Ltd.

All approaches to and from the media (as well as sponsors) must be made through and with the approval of the Competition. Competitors may be required to be available for media calls arranged by the Competition.

The above constitutes an irrevocable licence to the Lev Vlassenko Piano Competition Ltd (ACN 083 982 094) to use, adapt and reproduce (in its discretion) applications, images, videos and other intellectual property associated with the Contestant’s participation in the 2021 Piano Competition.

Competitor Enquiries

Contact Information

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Brisbane, Queensland 4000

Tel: +61 421 564 959

Email: contact@lev-vlassenko.com

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