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13. Timothy Kan

Audition Repertoire


Etude Op. 10 No. 11 


Sonata in C minor, K. 457 I. 


Ballade No. 4 


Sonata No. 2 


Piano Concerto No. 1 I.

Audition Video

Timothy Kan is an Australian pianist based in Melbourne who has a passion for making classical music. Although he started his piano studies at the age of 5 in Hong Kong, it was not until he studied under his high school piano teacher at the University High School, Eddie Dorn, did his interest in the piano take flight. His newfound appreciation stemmed from music’s ability to evoke emotion within him, but also the fact that the various sound-worlds within classical music that keeps the genre refreshing.

Tim had recently graduated from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor of Music with Honours. Over the course of the degree, he has studied with the renowned Glenn Riddle and has participated in numerous masterclasses with brilliant pianists in the Conservatory. Some of which include Alexandre Dossin, Igor Machlak, Glenn Riddle, Ronald Farren-Price, Kenji Fujimura, Janine Sowden, and Jerry Wong.

In the past 4 years, Tim has performed in eisteddfods and competitions around Melbourne. Some of the awards and accomplishments include 1st prize in the Graeme M. Watt Award in the 44th Annual Geelong eisteddfod (2018), 1st in the Championship Section, 1st in the 20th/21st Century section, 2nd in the Baroque section and 2nd in the Lythgo Scholarship Award of the Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod (2019). He has also performed on live radio on FM103.5 3MBS in 2018 1st season of The Talent. More recently in 2020, he was also one of the final nominees in the MCM Concerto-Aria Competition, playing Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 1.

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