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Young Lev Vlassenko Piano Competition Lo

2021 YOUNG Lev Vlassenko




24 FEBRUARY 2022

First Prize: Tina Algeri
Second Prize: Sheng-Yuan Lynch
Third Prize:  Michelle Zhou

Concerto Prize: Tina Algeri

Queensland Symphony Orchestra Musicians' Choice Prize:  Tina Algeri

16. Tina Algeri  Photo.jpg
7. Sheng-Yuan Lynch_ Photo.jpg
4. Michelle Zhou.jpg
1. Governor P2240343 (2)_01_01.jpg

Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young PSM speaking after the performances

2. Winners LVPC YLVPC 2022_01.jpg

Her Excellency congratulates the Winners

See and hear two of our Finalists speaking during the Finals rehearsal period. Sheng-Yuan Lynch went on to win Second Prize in the Young Lev Vlassenko Piano Competition. Hannah Shin went on to win First Prize, Concerto Prize and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra Musicians' Prize of the Lev Vlassenko Piano Competition."

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