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Competition auditions will be in the form of a single video which must feature the following program from memory:

A Virtuoso Study by Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov or Scriabin; and
A First Movement of a Sonata by Mozart, Haydn or Clementi; and
A Work from the Specified List; and
A Major Work of at Least 15 minutes duration; and
The First Movement of the Concerto the Applicant has nominated to play in the finals.

The video recording device must remain in a fixed position for the duration of the audition recording and the Applicant’s hands and face are to be clearly visible. For the 2021 Competition only, Competitors may record the First Movement of the Concerto separately from the solo repertoire provided that it is a single take, and is an accurate representation of their standard of playing.


The performance order should be as listed above for consistency amongst all competitors and ease of adjudication. Audition videos will be available publicly on www.lev-vlassenko.com

Applicants will be responsible for making their own audition video and must arrange venue, piano, video and accompanist themselves. Audition videos without piano accompaniment for the concerto will not be considered. The video must be a high-quality representation of the Applicant’s performance.

Audition videos must have been recorded after 15 December 2020 unless there is a compelling reason otherwise. Permission is at the discretion of the Competition. Audition Videos must be
accompanied by a declaration that the performance is that of the Applicant, unedited and performed in single complete take (Concerto Movement may be filmed in a different venue on a different date).

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