Lev Vlassenko


Part 1: Personal Details


Part 2: Parent/Guardian Contact Information (For applicants under the age of 18)

Part 3: Education

Scanned, signed letter from your present or recent teacher, or a musician of national standing

Upload scanned, signed letter

Part 4: Upload Repertoire (Audition, Recital Round Repertoire and Piano Concerto)

Upload Repertoire
Doc, Docx

Part 5: Biography, CV, Headshot


Upload Biography
Doc, Docx, max 250 words

Curriculum Vitae*

Upload Curriculum Vitae
Doc, Docx, max 3 pages

High-Resolution Headshot*

Upload Image
Min 300 dpi, Max 5 MB, JPG Format, Full Colour

Part 6: Identification and Declaration

Scanned, certified copy of birth certificate, passport or another legal document stating the applicant’s date of birth and nationality

Upload date of birth document

If you are a non-Australian resident: A scanned, certified copy of an academic transcript indicating dates and place of study

Upload an academic transcript


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