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Part 1: Personal Details


Part 2: Parent/Guardian Contact Information (For applicants under the age of 18)

Part 3: Education

Scanned, signed letter from your present or recent teacher, or a musician of national standing

Upload scanned, signed letter
PDF, Max 3 MB

Part 4: Upload Repertoire (Audition, Recital Round Repertoire and Piano Concerto)

Upload Repertoire
Doc, Docx

Part 5: Biography, CV, Headshot


Upload Biography
Doc, Docx, max 250 words

Curriculum Vitae*

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High-Resolution Headshot*

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Part 6: Identification and Declaration

Scanned, certified copy of birth certificate, passport or another legal document stating the applicant’s date of birth and nationality

Upload document
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If you are a non-Australian resident: A scanned, certified copy of an academic transcript indicating dates and place of study

Upload an academic transcript
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I declare that the information provided in this application is true and correct, including all documents uploaded, to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Competitor Enquiries

Contact Information

Level 11, 107 North Quay

Brisbane, Queensland 4000

Tel: +61 421 564 959

Email: contact@lev-vlassenko.com

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